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Aug 22

BRING UP A GROUP TO DEVIL'S GLEN THIS WINTER! After the stellar summer we have just had; we are guaranteed to have one fantastic 2018 WINTER!

Bring a group big or small to showcase YOUR CLUB and enjoy a casual, intimate and affordable day with family, friends and/or colleagues at Devil’s Glen. With your help, we will create a relaxed and memorable day on and off the hills for you and your guests.

Aug 21
Local Exchange Privileges
Did you know as an ACTIVE skier at Devil’s Glen, you are entitled and encouraged to participate in the escarpment exchange program that the Glen is a part of?

Any day that our Club and the reciprocating Club ​is open, we ​have a limited number of​ tickets that​ our members ​can use to exchange and ski at another Club.  We at the Glen, Alpine, Beaver Valley, Caledon, Craigleith, Georgian Peaks ​and Osler​ all participate in this program​. ​Members can visit each one of these Club’s two times per season​ understanding that the limited number of tickets each day are distributed on a "first come first serve basis"​.​  ​

We also have a program with Highlands Nordic!

Tickets are available only to Members for recreational use. Use by members whose main purpose is to view competitions, attend instructional courses or other such uses is not permitted. Your current Devil’s Glen badge will be required in order to redeem the exchange voucher or purchase a competition ticket.