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Devil’s Glen is just a 90 minute journey from downtown Toronto, 
but when you arrive, it feels like you are a lifetime away. 

You feel that you have left your normal world behind to the setting of something special... the winding road, the trees, the abundance of snow and the bridge. When you cross that bridge, you realize the journey is worth it as you look in front of you...the flowing river, the panoramic backdrop and the shimmering snowscape.
The energy calms you and you begin to feel the experience of being at the Glen. 

There is nothing to compare it to. It’s hard to describe but even harder to leave. 

It’s more of an experience than a ski club. 
No one leaves the same as they arrived. 
Groomed trails await the test of every class of skier. 
Protected from the winter’s winds, the valley’s northeast exposure assures the skiing enthusiast an unsurpassed abundance of snow from mid December to mid April.
Meals are often eaten anywhere, in and around the lodge, with families setting up grills... 
New friendships. 
New friends become the people you sit with at lunch, the ones you look out for as you leave the lodge and the ones you might share timeless moments with late into the night. Great friendships last a lifetime. 
Great moments last a lifetime.



Being in the moment.
Being sustainable.
Being together.
Being with friends.
Being with family.
Being with new friends.
Being smaller.
Being better.
Being present.
Being relaxed.
Being outside.
Being connected to nature.
Being still.
Being in the community.
Being here.
Being committed.
Being prepared.
Being purpose driven.
Being happy.
Being proud.

At the Glen, we are lucky to have the support of a committed crew of people from our small in-house team. The spirit of the Glen is one of giving and sharing summed up by our mantra 
- A sense of being. The best people we work with are the ones that will do anything to help anyone and embrace being proud of what we do and stand for. 

While our members are still sleeping, our grooming team are busy preparing the trails. Behind the scenes, our team works tirelessly and meticulously each morning to deliver world class snow conditions. The team dedication is evident in the level of detail that goes into making sure every trail is meticulously groomed.

We are driven to consistently exceed members’ expectations by being prepared every single day.

Our passion for family drives us to go one step further with each and every member. We are driven to ensure we do everything we can for our members, our people and our community.