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To create the best experience for our members for what matters most - family and a sense of being.

This is the Glen Life Experience.






Senior Membership 

Devil’s Glen maintains the size of its membership by the number of active skiers which enables us to ensure many positive attributes such as short lift lines and uncrowded slopes. At present there are a limited number of Senior memberships available. Senior members have rights and privileges but must accept the responsibilities of belonging to an exclusive Ski Club. Senior members recognize their membership at Devil’s Glen as a sound lifetime investment — a legacy to pass on to family members. The Club’s unique location, challenging terrain, superb facilities as well as financially sound management, make this an exceptional opportunity. 

Under 40 Membership 

The Under 40 Membership allows new Members that are under the age of 40 to extend the amount of time to pay their initiation fee. In the true family spirit of the Glen, we recognize that at this time of life you may well be building your family and career so having a few more years for your initiation with us can make a big difference to make joining Devil’s Glen possible now. 

Over 60 Membership 

Generations of families make up the membership at Devil’s Glen and speak to the true “Devil’s Glen experience”. We want to make sure that grandparents that are not already within the Glen family can join and be a part of their child’s, grandchild’s unforgettable memories here. The Over 60 Membership reduces the initiation fee to make the decision easy to join friends and/or family that are already a part of Devil’s Glen. 


Welcome Back Membership

We want any past member of Devil’s Glen to know that we welcome you back. For people that stepped away from the Glen family in the past, the Club has a specific program for you. We recognize that life can take you in many directions and more often than not we find ourselves coming full circle. If you find yourself wanting to make Devil’s Glen a part of your life again, then this is the time. 


Junior Membership 

It is a Devil’s Glen tradition to encourage the advancement of Junior members to the status of a Senior member. Retaining our younger members is the key to maintaining a sound Club membership and preserving the family culture. Devil’s Glen offers attractive terms for Junior members to convert to Senior membership any time between the ages of 18 and 30. 


Introductory Membership 

An opportunity exists to experience Devil’s Glen on a trial basis. Many of our Senior members started as Introductory members. Introductory members pay the same annual fees as Senior members (see the Fee Schedule enclosed), plus an annual premium per family. This premium will be applied to your initiation fee, should you decide later to join Devil’s Glen as full Senior members. Other than voting privileges, Introductory members enjoy all the rights of Club membership. 

For more information on becoming a Member at the Glen, 
Please contact:

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(705) 445-4890  ext 257