BRING UP A GROUP TO DEVIL'S GLEN THIS WINTER! After the stellar summer we have just had; we are guaranteed to have one fantastic 2018 WINTER!

Bring a group big or small to showcase YOUR CLUB and enjoy a casual, intimate and affordable day with family, friends and/or colleagues at Devil’s Glen. With your help, we will create a relaxed and memorable day on and off the hills for you and your guests. Consider the possibilities:

  • Business: Team Building, Networking, Recruiting, Client Appreciation
  • Family: Birthdays, Weddings, Family Reunions, Anniversaries, In Memoriam
  • Social: Charities, Fundraisers, Introductions to Devil’s Glen, Service Clubs, Sports Affiliations

Why host or sponsor a Signature Ski Day at Devil’s Glen this Season?

By inviting groups up to your club for a “Member/Guest Signature Ski Day” you can make a huge impact of the Club’s bottom line that will help maintain the financial well-being of our Club. Also, by inviting friends/family and colleagues you help expose the Club to a wide variety of prospective new members. The Club’s aim is to keep annual costs down for all Members and YOU can help by providing additional revenue to the Club during non-peak times Monday to Friday. Click HERE  for more Information on how you can start to increase revenue at YOUR CLUB!

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