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Recreation Trails

The Rec trails at the Club are in great shape.  We do have a couple notes of interest:


The purpose of this notice is to inform Devil's Glen trail users of a section of the club's trail network, DG Loop Trail #1 (15/16 Sideroad - Rory Boyes section), is now closed and no longer accessible, effective immediately.  Please review this map for location.
It was recently brought to the club's attention that the neighbouring property on which this particular section of trail is located, was for sale. Subsequently, the club has been notified that the estate wishes to no longer allow Devil's Glen members and/or the general public access and it should be considered private property moving forward.
All existing trail signage has been removed and new signage & markings indicating its closure have been installed at either end of the section of trail. The club is hopeful that new potential landowners may be willing to re-establish this trail for use but until further notice, please consider it closed.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Jed Fachnie
Assistant General Manager, Operations
Thank you for your understanding

Trail upgrades to DG Loop #1 (Mill Pond section), including enhanced/additional drainage, removal of organic material, regrading & aggregate installation planned for Fall 2022. Keep an eye out for project updates.

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Surface Conditions - grass
Snowfall 24 hrs - 0cm
Snowfall 7 days - 0cm
0% of Terrain Open 
Stairway Closed  
Siren Closed  
Cerberus Closed  
Lucifer's Lane Closed  
Waterfall Closed  
Inferno Closed  
Limbo Closed  
Pluto Closed  
River Styx Closed  
Achilles Heel Closed  
Upper Paradise Closed  
Lower Paradise Closed  
Hade's Lane Closed  
Purgatory Park Closed  
The Meadows Closed  
Zeus Closed  
Beatrice Closed  
Eden Closed  
Elysian Fields Closed  
Acheron Closed  
Salvation Closed  
Revelation Closed  
Hallelujah Closed  
Hallelujah Glades Closed  

Lift Operating Hours:

Weekends & Holidays: 8:30 - 4:30 (Sunday 4:00)

Weekdays: 9:00 - 4:00

Terrain Park operates Friday - Sunday

Recreation Trails

The Rec trails are experiencing spring conditions with ice, and mostly bare sections  with mud
Depending upon conditions traction devices highly recommended. 
Mud and melt-freeze conditions may occur as weather changes.
(Switchback Trail has some damage due to erosion)
(Low-lying sections along the river may experience flooding)
Use at own risk. 
Hades Quad Closed  
Lucifer's Quad Closed  
Magic Carpet Closed  
Heavenly Quad Closed  
Revelation Quad Closed